Right, Guys, Here’s The Plan …

The good news is the next chapter is done. The bad news is that I’m a total bitch.

Not really. I mean, the chapter is done but I’m not a total bitch … I don’t think. Am I? I’m not sure …. Anyway, back to the point.

The chapter is done – just needs to be edited and the music needs to be chosen. ‘Why is that in bold and underlined?’ I hear you ask. Well, the reason is that, basically … I went music shopping today. So, you’re obviously thinking ‘So what?’ (I’m psychic;). Basically, I bought six CDs. Six discs of new music waiting to be discovered and, although some of the artists wouldn’t even be considered for a chapter like this, there are still … two, maybe three, albums that will. Two, maybe three, albums which need to be listened to multiple times until I can listen to one of the songs and know which one it is. This will take some time seeing as on one of the albums there are 16 songs. ON ONE CD!

I’m doing this for you guys, okay? The music of the chapter is really important so I have to make sure I pick the right songs and lyrics. I know in past chapters, I’ve used songs that now don’t seem right and I’m going to change them at some point – probably when the book is finished. So now I’m going to do things right and consider every possibility. Trust me – things will be so much easier when I get an iPod Classic – I can take all my music everywhere with me. Unfortunately though, it’s still twelve days ’til my b’day and there’s no way I’m gonna make you wait that long.

Just gimme a few days to figure it out. I’ll listen to the CDs like crazy, get to know the songs, see if any of them are at all useful and then get the chapter up. After I’ve finished this post, I shall dig through my iTunes library, write down some possible contenders that I already know and I’ll get listening to the new ones(;

Just gimme a while. I’ll figure this out, ‘kay? Quickly(;

-Sammi x


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