Hello there.

I doubt anyone’ll read this because the few readers I have will probably be long gone. Basically, I have resurfaced after quite a while and I just want to update anyone who is still left. I have been looking through INO recently as I have a week off from my A levels until I start A2. I have been thinking about how I’m going to reconstruct the story a little and I’ve been refining my writing and my plot. There may be some updates with some chapters soon, either here or a site for writers such as Widbook.

If I do return to using this site, I’ll have to make some updates I think – especially with the links as barely any of them work anymore. I think maybe an email address will suffice these days.


Right, hi.

It’s been a long while. I haven’t updated since August which is kind of scary. I have an excuse – several, in fact, although I don’t think any of them are good enough.
To be honest, I’m just not creative enough for writing at the moment. I just have no desire to continue; it doesn’t mean that this story will never get finished, because it will someday, hopefully. But right now isn’t the best time.
Over a year ago now, I started writing this story and it still isn’t complete. I know that if I tried really hard and put everything into it then it could be finished by now and the sequel could have been started. That was my goal actually – to have finished INOIP in a year. It didn’t work out. I don’t know whether it was the two holidays in the summer or what but I came back and I couldn’t write. I lost it. Not like losing a skill but literally losing a desire. It would be so easy to get another chapter up as well ‘cos it’s written. It just needs editing. Maybe it was the whole massive edit thing that confused me. I rewrote one of the chapters from further back and then had to read through the following chapters to check it made sense. It all does now but it still hasn’t been posting. This is rather worrying. Nothing drives me anymore. You guys used to. My characters used to. Both still should but they don’t anymore. Well, that’s a bit strong. They do but only for a short period of time.
A lot of crap’s been going on in my life as well. If you follow me on Tumblr, you may know about this ‘cos I post all about my personal life on there. I won’t go into it now ‘cos you guys aren’t interested in that – you just want the story. I’ve also been getting shit loads of homework and coursework and I guess I’m a little stressed and it’s all piling up. You understand?
So, nothing’s being updated and I don’t know if it will be for quite some time. So I’ve decided to take the chapters which are already posted down because I feel really paranoid about having my work on the internet where it can be stolen. Before I could live with it ‘cos I was working on getting the story finished and then I was going to change it to a .pdf format so it couldn’t be copied but now that nothing’s going on, I know that it’ll be here and unprotected for a while and I don’t want to change it to another format whilst it’s unfinished. I may do soon but maybe not. So, as far as I’m concerned, this story is no longer in progress. It’s unfinished.
I’m really sorry – I know some of you really loved this story with a passion but the thing is… I don’t anymore, I don’t think. I’m sure I do but it’s deep down – further than I can reach. Hopefully I’ll be able to complete this one day but now’s not the time. So, I’m real sorry. If the drive comes soon then I’ll get writing again and you guys will be the first people to know. The site will stay up – after all, I put so much work into it – but the chapters will be taken down. I won’t delete them – I’ll just make them private for the time being and I’ll do the same to the ‘Read’ page too.
Sorry I didn’t write this post to let everyone know what was happening before. I just haven’t had the time until now really. I just want to say that I love you all and you’ve been very supportive but my time’s up for now.

If you want to stay in touch at all, come follow me on Tumblr; I’m themethaneskies. If you have any enquiries about the book at all, don’t hesitate to ask, either.

So, I’ll be back soon, maybe? I don’t know.
I love you guys.



This video was made by a fan called Sophie and is just amazingly beautiful.

It can now also be viewed on the Story page and on the Bebo pages.


Don’t worry! I’m not dead!

I am so so sorry. I know it’s been a hell of a long time since a post.
The good news is that nearly two chapters have been finished and hopefully will be up later on in the week. I’ve also gotta go a major edit as well as loads of homework but I’ll try.
So, yeah. Stay safe, stay up-to-date and follow my Tumblr; http://lookalivesunshine-.tumblr.com (I haven’t changed my Tumblr links on the WordPress site yet but this is the right one).
Again, sorry for the delay!
-Sammi x

what do you want to do when your older?

I want to be a best selling novelist. Some people think it’s a long shot and that I need a back-up plan but I honestly believe I can do it.
If I can’t then I’d settle for being a psychologist.

Ask Me A Question?

Hint One. I’m from Ipswich. :D


Ask Me A Question?

Because if i give you clues… you will probably guess who i am straight away!:) I don’t really speak to some of you much, so i thought it’d be fun!:D

Ooh, yes! Fun!

Ask Me A Question?

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