There we have it – the long awaited chapter. So, Summer’s surprise was cocaine *gasp* That was one of my original ideas.

So, in the next chapter, we have some Body Shotting without guns. Anyone done ever done Body Shots. I haven’t but they seem real cool.

Jesus, this was one of my longest chapters. We’ve reached page 99 now – about three, four lines in. I’ll be doing a page 100 surprise at some point. I don’t know what though. Maybe an outtake from the past. Summer or Edward with family. Could be about Edward’s mom’s accident or Summer’s father’s death. We don’t know how her father died, do we? Or am I being thick? … Come to think of it, we don’t know how Edward’s mom died either. In that case, I don’t think it’s gonna be an accident. Two brutal deaths and you’ll get outtakes of either or both for the page 100 surprise, ‘kay? Sound good?

I think that sounds very good. So, that’ll mean a six year old Edward and a thriteen year old Summer? Aw – I like this idea!

So, the song was, of course, ‘Drowning Lessons’ by My Chemical Romance! If you’re currently following me on Twitter, you’ll know that I was stressing out about the song choice and I’ve also mentioned it in previous LJ posts aswell. I had three real good choices but in the end, my trusty side-kick Paula pointed me in the right direction. Okay, she threatened to smash my head in with a hammer if I chose different;L … not really.

I’m gonna do some more writing after I’ve gotten the chapter up on Bebo and Twitter. I’ve realised that I’m more into the writing when I’ve just posted a chapter because I just wanna carry on so let’s get some more knocked out, huh? I’ve still got three hours until I need to start getting ready to go over my dad’s so I’ve got plently of time to get a good start! –sammi x


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