You guys must feel like the luckiest fans in the world (If not, just humour me) seeing as I’m so nice to you! Last update you got was a two in one and now it’s gone up to three in one. I’m surprised myself. Basically, I was over my dads Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday so I went a tiny bit M.A.D. I came back to my mom’s with the third chapter in my three in one started so I decided I’d finish it off and post all of them together.

So, Summer and Edward are officially sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. They are officially together and Summer has officially thrown her rules out of the window. Matt kind of knows what’s going on but kind of doesn’t. He knows that Summer and Edward have this special connection that he’s trying to desperately to break but he doesn’t know that they’re snogging and touching each other up constantly. And in case you’re wondering, Matt is actually in love with Summer. He’s not just saying it to try and get Edward to bugger off – he’s telling the truth. Love triangle alert!

So, now I’ve got three songs to discuss; the first was Mr Brightside by The Killers – an obvious choice if you think about it because jealousy is everywhere at the moment so I didn’t really struggle for finding a song for that chapter – especially seeing as I’m a Killers maniac at the moment, for some reason.

The second one was Everywhere by Lifehouse – a very sweet, romancy song. It’s a typical love song with a twist – it isn’t cheesy. At least, I don’t think so. It’s just a very sweet, ‘i love you with all my heart forever’ kind of song.

The third one was Many Of Horror by Biffy Clyro, a song I’ve had constantly playing over the last hour. So, I’ve seen the Biffy Clyro advert for his new album Only Revelations God knows how many times and I always loved the song that was playing. So, I automatically got the song Mountains on my iTunes seeing as over the track on the ad the guy says ‘includes the debut single Mountains’ or something like that. So I downloaded it, listened to it and realised that it wasn’t the song and I just left it for a bit – not bothered. Then I listened to Mountains again one day and realised ‘There’s another song by him that I like, I better go find it’. So I started listening to all the previews on HMV.com but none of them gave me any idea because they’re too short, let’s be honest – 30 seconds of a song? That’s unfair. So I literally just guessed that it was Many Of Horror and it was. It’s a seriously amazing song – just listen to it. It’s like a deep, angsty love song – not preppy or teenage or cheesy. It fits Summer and Edward’s relationship amazingly.

For the third chapter I was originally gonna use Princess by Short Stack ‘cos I’m a bit of a Short Stack freak at the moment. My friend Courtney had used the same phrase from the same song that I wanted to use for her story so I even asked her if it was okay. She said yeah but I decided against using it for this chapter. It did fit but then Biffy Clyro began to interfere and it was non-negotiable. But I will be using Princess because I love that song dearly and it fits, which is always a plus.

I hope you all enjoy the three chapters today and I’m really looking forward to writing the next one because this is when things are gonna start coming out and it’s gonna be a real dark chapter. Like in, y’know that scene in Skins, Series 3, Effy’s episode in the forest where Cook makes in entrance? It’s gonna be like that scene(; The music is gonna be very rocky or creepy as well to set the scene.

-sammi x


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