So, what do we all think? Pretty emotional, huh?

I did get stuck in this chapter which is why it took so long to put up but I managed to get past the writers block. A while back someone asked me if there’d be more Adam so this is for you! I can’t remember who asked but anyways. I love writing the scenes between Adam and Summer. Adam’s pretty cool and he’s always right so it makes me feel like I’m talking sense.

The chapter song is ‘Hero/Heroine’ by Boys Like Girls. A while back, I ended up listening to ‘Learning To Fall’ by them (Which will be featured in either INO or one of it’s sequels) and the other day I decided to check out some more of their music. So, I search them up on and got the track listing to their new album and listened to ‘Love Drunk’ which is amazing (I’ll be talking about ‘Love Drunk’s part in the story in a moment). Then I came into contact with ‘Hero/Heroine’ and loved that as well. So, yesterday, I ended up ordering the new album from because they’re selling signed copies of it. Usually I wouldn’t buy a brand new album because it’s expensive (Unless the album’s by Paramore, My Chem’ or Blue October, obviously) but the signed copies wouldn’t be around forever and it was the same price as the normal copy so I just went for it. Hasn’t been shipped yet ‘cos obviously they have to get the band to sign it and all that jazz so yeah(; Can’t wait to get it.

The original song for the chapter was going to be ‘Gloomy Sunday’ by Sarah McLachlan but I’ve been in a BLG mood so I changed it. Also, I don’t think it fit – it being a Hungarian suicide song and all.

Anyway – ‘Love Drunk’. Basically, I am in the middle of writing the first ever INO outtake and ‘Love Drunk’ will be it’s song. It’s a shot about Edward and Amelia’s relationship. Basically after he finds out about her cheating on him and what happens. I did want to complete it tonight after finishing Chapter 27 but I really don’t feel into it and I’ve got homework so I’ll probably work on it when I have writers block next. But I’ve got the outtakes site up ready so go and become a member!

So, next chapter will be clubbing. You can probably guess by the chapter song (Yes, I’ve put it up already) because it’s a very club-y remix-y song. I love it. The song after is also a remix so that’ll be in the club as well(;

Sammi x


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