AN; So, Chapter 3 is finally up. As some of you might know, or not, I actually finished this chapter last night. I usually post straight away but my dad’s pc’s spazticated and my laptop has no connection [You know what? If you’re really interested, read the last post, but I don’t think you give a shit. You just want the chapters up, don’t cha? You don’t care about my explanations!].

Hmm, so this chapter was interesting to write. It didn’t come as naturally as the last one. With Chapter 2, I either knew what was gonna happen before I wrote it or it would just come to me. I don’t remember one point in that chapter where I was sat there, looking blankly at the screen thinking ‘What the hell’s gonna happen next?’. With this one, I wouldn’t of said it was difficult but it was more challenging and probably a bit boring compare to the drunkeness of the last chapter.

So, the song for this chapter, as you should know by now, is ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ By Paramore. The rhythm and sound just seemed to fit the situation and if you think about it, it could be about hangovers. It’s like, Friday and Saturday’s are really party nights, right? No school or work the next days so you can have a lie in and a nice cuppa to sober up. Am I right? Cos I think I’ve hit it on the head there! So Sunday’s are basically the recovery days – you don’t go out on Sunday nights, cos it is school and work on Monday. Understand?

Now, what I can say is that the next chapter is gonna be a bombshell. Bit confused by Summer’s situation? You won’t be for much longer;) -sammi


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