Right, this author note is going to start off like a normal one of my author notes do and then I’m gonna be talking about something that all active fans need to be notified about, even if they don’t tend to read the author posts. If you are one of those people, skip down to the bold type(;


Yay! Don’t you just love ’em? I know I do. So, things are getting even more serious, if that’s even possible. Jesus, this must be the most depressing story ever but things will start to get better(; … And then they’ll go downhill again, very sharply but they’ll pick up after a while.

This isn’t a tragedy, okay?(:

So, the chapter songs were as follows; chapter 34’s was ‘Up Against The Wall’ by Boys Like Girls. I thought it’d be rather appropriate seeing as Jessica pushed Edward against a wall;L And also the song seemed like the right one. I needed to make a fast decision as well if I wanted to get the chapter up by Monday morning as promised. Chapter 35’s song was ‘The Rumour’ by You Me At Six. Now, last week I got loads of new albums and two of them were the You Me At Six CDs. I just knew that this band were something that I needed to get into and they’re fucking incredible. I have so many songs that I want to use now and ‘The Rumour’ was one of them. It just seems so … basically I love the song and I wanted to use a You me At Six song, although it does sort of go…

Now, about the posting of the next chapter

So, I have a very busy couple of weeks ahead;

– An English paper on Thursday

– Three Maths tests to prepare for the week after

– At least one Science test in the following week.

– And my birthday on Friday (On which I will be out in Bath all day)

So, as you can see – it’s a busy time. Now, of course, I will try my hardest to fit some writing in somewhere but really I should be spending my time preparing for these tests. The English one doesn’t particularly matter in the way of out-of-school revision but, as you all probably know, English and Literature is what’s going to get me into the writing business so I need to try my hardest. So for this reason, I’ll probably be revising something outside of school. I don’t know what but once we start recapping in class, I’ll know what I need to learn and I’ll be focusing on that. So I’ve basically made something big out of something small.

The Maths and Science papers, however, do matter, however, in the way of out-of-school revision. I’m gonna be working my arse off so writing Summer and Edward is going to be difficult, you understand?

So, I’m asking you to bear with me, ‘kay? Don’t think I’ve deserted you if I haven’t got a chapter up in the next couple of weeks (Which I probably will – I can’t put off writing for that long. It’s impossible). I’ll also be leaving a note on the website and Bebo page so everyone knows the drill if they come checking for new material.

If you’re reading this now, thank you. You are amazing – not just for sticking through this long rambling but for reading this story. If you’re reading this now, you mean a hell of a lot to me.

Drop a comment, yeah? I wanna get to know you(:

So, bye bye for now(;

Sammi x


1 Response to “Chapter 34 AND 35: Author Note”

  1. 1 trisha 16 June 14, 2010 at 11:02 am

    good luck on the exams hun…:)


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