Oh my gosh, my chapters seem to be going up slower and slower. I do apologise. I shall try and work harder and faster.

Right, I’m gonna make this short ‘cos in a minute my mum’s gonna come in yelling because I’m not in bed yet and I have to get up early in the morning to get to the airport. There won’t be a chapter update for another two weeks ‘cos I’m going to Turkey. I have one week back in the UK, when I’ll try and update, before I go to Zante. Sorry – the summer is mental.

Right, the chapter song is ‘Hurricane’ by Thirty Seconds To Mars. My friend loves the song ‘Kings & Queens’ so I checked it out and loved it. So I got the album and I’ve fallen in love. ‘Hurricane’ is from their latest record ‘This Is War’ and the actual song ‘This Is War’ is worth checking out as well. I can guarantee that it’ll be used in INO at some point.

So, in this chapter. Matt is back! Did anyone miss him? I know I did! For those of you who are a little confused about his feelings towards Summer, he does really care about her and he’s using that to get things back to the way they were. Will he succeed? I really doubt it. Edward loves Summer so entirely – it’s gonna be one hell of a job splitting those two up (;

Well, hopefully there’ll be another update in a couple of weeks. Have a nice summer, guys!

Sammi x


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