ME; So, Edward, are you happy now?


ME; Good and by the way, Summer chooses her own underwear. So, excited for the next chapter?

EDWARD; Only if you’re gonna hurry up this time.

ME; Alright, I’ll get it up asap. next time. Anything you wanna say?

EDWARD; What is that crap music I’ve been forced to listen to?

ME; It’s not crap – it’s Salt Air (Suds & Soda Clash Up) by Chew Lips. They are good music, okay?

EDWARD; I prefered Best Of You by The Foo Fighters.

ME; Edward, quit the sulking. Like you said, I write the story so I pick the music. And that song really didn’t fit with the chapter whatsoever.

EDWARD; Well, why did you use it then?

ME; Because it suited the scene, okay? Get over it. I know you’re a musical geek like me but if you wanna choose the music, write your own story.

EDWARD; I can’t ‘cos otherwise your story is gonna go totally down the drain. So instead of me getting pissed and playing Twenty Questions with Summer, I’ll be stuck in my room trying to shift my writers block.

ME; Have you got any ideas for your own story?

EDWARD; … The Sexy Secret Diary Of Edward’s Summery Call Girl …

ME; Okay, moving on … Is there anything constructive you want to ask?

EDWARD; Yes, what’s gonna happen with the next chapter?

ME; Chapter 8 is gonna be part 2 of school basically. So, I’m talking the art lesson, lunch and then the park afterwards probably. But you guys aren’t gonna be able to get pissed because it’s gonna be too early, okay? When it get to like nine o’ clock, you can start getting the drink out.

EDWARD; What drink are we gonna have? And please give us some good booze and not Baileys this time.

ME; You’re only complaining about the Baileys because Summer did.

EDWARD; …Does she seriously pick out her own underwear?

ME; Y.E.P. and you’ll be seeing more of her choices in the future, I can gurantee you … you seem very happy, Edward.

EDWARD; I am, actually.

-sammi x


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