Aah, challenging chapter. It seems very drama induced what with new characters who are bitches and new bitches who are characters but the bits inbetween the scenes of bitchiness were real buggers to write. I’m had the document in my taskbar all day today (That’s what i do with my days off school – PC all day, bebo, itunes, facebook, fanfiction etc.) and I hardly wrote anything – mainly been talking to my lovely writer friend Paula from Bebo – we met through her becoming a fan of my book – she was the nice one i posted about a while back, you remember? She’s lovely:) can you believe she was writing her Bebo story for five hours today :O obviously inbetween sending me comments about my edward, my chemical romance, mangoes and EDWARD SURNAME!! At the bit where Edward’s listening to loads of people whispering about him and Summer during his art lesson, the first whisper was meant to contain Edward’s surname but we genuinely cannot think of one so i just left it out for now;)

So, the song was obviously ‘Kiss’ by Prince. A real classic! I chose this one because it added the sexiness and sassiness that the chapter needed, what with all of the girls pining over edward. It was, indeed, a very sexy chapter filled with lust. Kiss seemed just right to be honest.

So, it is half one in the morning – the things i do for my readers – and I’m gonna go to sleep in a minute. But, btw, what did you guys think of the new song and excerpt that I put up last night? I thought I’d give you a treat and I’m crazy about this song so…

anyway, i’m gonna go. you got your chapter now GOODNIGHT sammi x


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