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This video was made by a fan called Sophie and is just amazingly beautiful.

It can now also be viewed on the Story page and on the Bebo pages.




Right, I’m gonna make this a short one (;

I’m really really really sorry that I haven’t updated. I was going to last night but I left my memory stick over my dad’s place and I don’t get it back ’til tomorrow. There will definitely be an update this week. I promise.

Waiting sucks,

Sammi x


Right, so exams and revision is over for now. I’m all free, spending my evenings on Facebook and writing like a maniac. Now you’re probably thinking ‘Then WHERE’S OUR UPDATE?!’ So here’s my explanation.

At the moment, I again have writer’s block. Yeah. Not nice. Very unpleasant in fact. And I feel like I’m putting too much drama into the story. So, can you guys please help me? Can you please comment on this with the answer to this question – anyone at all who’s viewing this and has been reading the story. AM I PUTTING TOO MUCH DRAMA INTO THE STORY – SO MUCH THAT’S IT’S BECOMING CONFUSING OR STUPID? I need to know so my mind is at rest and I can work with it. I’m sure that if I reread the story myself that I’d know the answer – what’s happened is a tad blury to me. But I really don’t have time to do this so I’m a little in the dark so if you answer this question for me I’d be so grateful that I’LL GIVE YOU AN EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW OF THE CHAPTER SO FAR(; Sound good?

So, right now I’m not writing anything else of it. I’m probably about half way through – I need to know what people are thinking. But this isn’t the only reason. Before I started writing INO, I was writing a four-part series. Well, I was writing the first book and I used a technique that went terribly wrong and the outline of where the story was actually going was very blury.

Now I’m back with fresh, angsty, horrific ideas for this story. Everything’s gotten a lot darker and more realistic and because of this, I’m now desperate to write these ideas down. So right now that’s what I’m doing and I’ll be doing that all of tonight while I wait for answers and inspiration.


Your precious update may just be a bit late, that’s all. I won’t make any promises about when it’ll be up in case it’s not but the next update really won’t be that far away. Promise(:

Forgive me,

Sammi x

Reasons Why To Write A Story

So, it’s been over a week now and no update. You should know why.

So, last major paper tomorrow and then I have a mental on Friday, probably. Everything’s going okay – I’m just having to study at every possible moment and I’ve just taken a break to post a message. Next week, everything will be back to normal. Some of the next chapter is already written. It just needs to be finished and there needs to be a song and stuff. So, updates may be coming some time next week. I’ll try and finish it for then.

I think I’m getting a cold … that was random.

Another thing. On Sunday, I found myself in a really bad way. I won’t go into details but it was a stupid little thing that set me off and I found myself in my mom’s room while she was out, sitting on the window sill so my feet were on the roofing bit there. The sun was shining and I was just overly upset. For a few minutes, I spent my time talking to my Edward as if he were real and it really helped. No joke. I just felt like I could say anything, no matter how stupid it was. Edward only talked a few times (Well, I made him talk in my head a few times, obviously).

Now, this sounds incredibly retarded but it actually really helped me so I could get off my ass and do some work. So, this is what I want to say. When, you’re incredibly upset or just a bit depressed or just a little low, talking to someone. Someone you control. Anyone can write a story or a book. Anyone. And not only will your readers benefit from it, you will, too. Everytime someone sends you a message saying how much they love your story, it makes you feel so happy. Everytime you get loads of hits in one day, it makes you feel so happy. The sense of achievement that you’ll get when you finish that book. I can’t explain it myself because I haven’t finished a book yet but I’m getting there. And I can’t wait ’til I get that teary excitement where I feel a real sense of achievement. I can’t wait for the moment I can tell my dad, and my step sister that I’ve actually written a whole book.

And, more importantly in my opinion, I love it that at anytime I can talk to someone – either Edward, or Summer, or Matt. Yikes, even Jessica or Ingrid. When I’m by myself, even though I feel silly and retarded at first, I can get a lot off my chest by talking to someone who can’t answer with something harsh or hurtful. I can confide in someone whose answers I control and, even though they can’t give advice, they’re still real.

I wish they were real people, like me and you, but they’re not completely. They’re always real in our heads though. And as long as they are, they’re as good as real people.

In fact, they are real people.

So, just think. If you ever consider writing a book. Do it. There really isn’t a good reason not to.

I’m gonna get back to revision so au revior!


Concerning the next couple of weeks

I won’t repeat the details so go HERE to read them. Basically, the next couple of weeks will be busy which means minimal writing getting done. Do not be surprised if the weeks go by without updates. I will try my best to get another chapter up as soon as possible but I can only do so much.

At some point though, I will be posting a preview of the next chapter once some is written so thank you for being patient.

You guys mean the world to me. You’re all special people and never EVER forget that, okay?

In the mean time, read the new chapters HERE and HERE. Also, if you want to keep in touch, follow me on Twitter HERE.

Thank you guys

– Sammi x



So, five days ’til my b’day. Five days until I get an iPod Classic and that means five days until writing gets much easier. Picking music for chapters will be a breeze.

But, as I’ve said before. I’m not gonna wait five more days to put the chapter up. I have two chapters written – I just need to edit them and choose songs for them. At least one of the chapter songs will most likely be by You Me At Six.

I’m just about to update the ‘Music To Be Used’ page. Last week, I got loads of CDs and now I’ve been listening to them like crazy, I know some contenders for chapter songs.

So, that was a very quick post to talk about what’s going on.

– Sammi x ;L

Right, Guys, Here’s The Plan …

The good news is the next chapter is done. The bad news is that I’m a total bitch.

Not really. I mean, the chapter is done but I’m not a total bitch … I don’t think. Am I? I’m not sure …. Anyway, back to the point.

The chapter is done – just needs to be edited and the music needs to be chosen. ‘Why is that in bold and underlined?’ I hear you ask. Well, the reason is that, basically … I went music shopping today. So, you’re obviously thinking ‘So what?’ (I’m psychic;). Basically, I bought six CDs. Six discs of new music waiting to be discovered and, although some of the artists wouldn’t even be considered for a chapter like this, there are still … two, maybe three, albums that will. Two, maybe three, albums which need to be listened to multiple times until I can listen to one of the songs and know which one it is. This will take some time seeing as on one of the albums there are 16 songs. ON ONE CD!

I’m doing this for you guys, okay? The music of the chapter is really important so I have to make sure I pick the right songs and lyrics. I know in past chapters, I’ve used songs that now don’t seem right and I’m going to change them at some point – probably when the book is finished. So now I’m going to do things right and consider every possibility. Trust me – things will be so much easier when I get an iPod Classic – I can take all my music everywhere with me. Unfortunately though, it’s still twelve days ’til my b’day and there’s no way I’m gonna make you wait that long.

Just gimme a few days to figure it out. I’ll listen to the CDs like crazy, get to know the songs, see if any of them are at all useful and then get the chapter up. After I’ve finished this post, I shall dig through my iTunes library, write down some possible contenders that I already know and I’ll get listening to the new ones(;

Just gimme a while. I’ll figure this out, ‘kay? Quickly(;

-Sammi x

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