Dear readers,

So, I decided about … two minutes ago to post something to the fans on the website and then I thought ‘Hey, why don’t I just make a page. That way, it’s always there, in view for fans to read’. So, that’s what I’m doing.

Today is the seventeenth of April and I have written 228 (Nearly 229) pages of the first ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’ novel. Today I have 40 fans and seven reviews (All rating the story five stars) and I have the preface and twenty two chapters up. Just thought I’d document that. I’m hoping that over the following months, the story will find more fans who love it dearly.

So, you might be sitting at your computer now reading this like, a year later? Don’t worry – this is going somewhere, I promise. You are reading this for a reason. Basically, ever since I was like six or seven, I’ve wanted to be a writer. I always used to write stories and try and get my golden ticket to the book store shelves started but none of the ideas stuck at all. I’d end up giving the ideas up and starting a new one which was very typical of me. I wasn’t getting anywhere and if anything, my dream was getting farther and farther away.

Then I got an idea for a book. It involved a unlikely romance and I’m still working on it now. I printed out my first draft (Well, what there is of it) a couple of weeks ago and it is now with my step sister/’editor’ for her to check through so I can start it again. So, that novel was gonna be my golden ticket but then something went wrong. I’d written all the interesting bits but then I had all these gaps everywhere which I still need to fill in. So, writing the parts that I wanted wasn’t the best idea.

So, this book got put on hold for a considerable amount of time. I just wanted to forget it was there although the idea was too developed to let go. So, one day, I began to wonder if I was doing anything wrong. I’d been the only one that had read this work (Well, my step sister/’editor’ had read a bit of it) so I didn’t know how my writing was going. So I made a snap decision; I’d create a LiveJournal page and write a story online for people to read and they could review and comment on it, telling me if I needed to improve or if I was doing everything right. So, I just made a LJ page, thinking I wouldn’t go ahead with it, and I made a Bebo page as well. I must say, hardly anyone took any notice of the LJ page but Bebo users started to find the story and begin reading it.

The story was ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’

Now, today I have a bunch of very dedicated fans and although there aren’t many of them yet, it’s enough for a lifetime because you are all so passionate and supportive of the story and all I can do is thank you. I’m so happy that people love this story and my writing because this is my dream coming true. At the time that I began this, the idea was no where near as important as my other one but now it’s just a massive part of me. It’s more than that other story I’m working on. I’m suppose to be working on the other idea to keep it fresh but I can’t find the time anymore. I was gonna have Saturday night every week to right it but that’s not happening ‘cos 1) I write ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’ better when I’m over my Dad’s, which is Saturday nights and 2) If I was to do this other idea on Saturdays, all the time I’d be thinking ‘My fans want more chapters. I can get them up by working on it now.’

So, thank you all my fans for your undying support. This story isn’t gonna end any time soon, I promise. In fact, I have three books planned for this series so you’ll be reading for a l o n g time(;

Sammi x


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