Right, so I’m not exactly a published best-selling author like I dream of being but I know I love reading writing tips from writers (Published or not) to see how that go about creating those things called ‘Books’. So, this page is dedicated to aspiring writers who are looking for a bit of guidance or are just curious about how I work. Some of my tips might not work for you – no biggy. I’m just concluding a few things that I stick by;

1; Keep a journal. So, authors say this a lot. My journal isn’t my number one priority or anything – it’s just useful. Like, if you were on the move and you suddenly had this great idea, you could write it down. My journal isn’t completely neat so don’t worry about it. Just scribble planning and stuff in it. Personally, I colour code mine – INO in red pen, my other novel in blue and song lyrics in purple.

2. Killing writer’s block; Of course, there isn’t an official ‘cure’ in the writing world yet but here’s how I deal with it. One option is to work on something else. I know it’s avoiding the problem but I find it helps you relax so maybe start writing an outtake or extra (Like I have started doing) and everytime you get writer’s block just do some work on that. Maybe take some time away from the computer – be sociable. I find that also watching interviews or book signings with published authors makes me wanna knock out some more. Another thing that really helps me sometimes is rereading the chapter you’re writing if you’re half way though.

3. Don’t think about your story before bed. Honestly, if you do, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were up all night jotting notes down. The best trick is to not think about your story before you sleep – just think about something else.

4. Take time to think. A number of times during the day, I take the opportunity to just daydream about my characters. Somehow I manage to remember what I’ve dreamed up and just store it to memory.



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